The BLIM4SME project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA, Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 605264 Europian Union Seventh Framework Programme


The consortium comprises key research partners and seasoned SMEs with broad expertise in the domain for bringing this project to life successfully:
• RTD TALOS Ltd, Cyprus - coordinator of the project
• RivieraWaves SAS, France, SME participant - expert in BLE protocol
• Prisma Electronics ABEE, Greece, SME participant - expert in modules
• Nordic Components OY, Finland, SME participant - expert in IPD modules
• VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland, Research performer - expert in IPD technology
• CSEM SA (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology), Switzerland, Research performer - expert in low power integrated radios, technical leader of the project

RTD Talos

RTD Talos RTD TALOS is a private initiative that was established in 2000 and its mission is to offer high quality services with commitment and consistency, in order to enhance and reinforce the competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises, through the promotion of innovation, technology transfer, utilisation of research outcomes, development of links with research institutions, exploitation of opportunities for financing and assistance for utilisation of development programs.   TALOS has years of demonstrated experience in project management being involved since its foundation in more than 30 European research projects and having taken the responsibility for managing ...

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RW RivieraWaves (RW) is a private company established in January 2010 and is recognized today as a leading provider of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™ intellectual Property (IP) for integration into ASIC or FPGA. RivieraWaves also offers complementary Design Services for IP customization and IC design. Currently, the IP portfolio is composed of hardware, software, analogue and RF building blocks. The company employs 30 people with a wide range of expertise including digital hardware design, embedded and application software, analogue and RF design, signal processing algorithms, SoC design. Over 20 licenses have been sold worldwide and successfully integrated by several top-ten semiconductors ...

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PRISMA Prisma Electronics is a SME with main mission to promote and support the right and affective use if new technologies in the field of Electronics, Information – Communication Technology and Energy. Pirsma has setup a modern technological environment where technology and know how are the dominant elements, creating and the preconditions to develop and support tech application with high requirements. Our personnel is highly experienced, continuously trained and keeps up with the latest methods and practices. R&D activities constitute our top priority. We are getting involved into R&D projects with the academic community in EU countries. The company is organized into ...

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NORDIC Nordic Components Oy was originally founded in 2002, but changed her Business in 2011, and started to Commercialize the Research made in VTT about the IPD (Integrated Passive Devices) Technology and the IPR of the Entrepreneurs.  The main products of Nordic are miniature electronic modules, which are based on IPD and System in Package (SIP) module technology developed during the past eight years.  Through this technology, electronic modules are reduced in size and weight, however still improving the performance.  The feature set of the complex system like a Cellular Handset can be built by using the modules as building blocks, with added or reduced features depending on the ...

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VTT VTT is the biggest contract research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services thus improving its clients’ competitiveness and competence. VTT has both design experience and micro/nanoelectronic processing capability in a state of the art cleanroom. VTT develops antenna elements, arrays and antenna systems for wireless data communications and sensing applications. Applications include mobile phone antennas, RFID tag antennas as well as base station and ...

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CSEM CSEM SA (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology), founded in 1984, is a private Swiss research and technology organization specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, systems engineering, photovoltaics, and communications technologies. It plays a key role in encouraging innovation and technology transfer between science and industry. Having founded several start-ups, it contributes to developing Switzerland as an industrial location. Around 400 highly qualified and specialized employees from various scientific and technical disciplines work for CSEM in Neuchâtel, Alpnach, Landquart, Muttenz, and Zurich. CSEM has built a wide experience in ...

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