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RivieraWaves (RW) is a private company established in January 2010 and is recognized today as a leading provider of Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™ intellectual Property (IP) for integration into ASIC or FPGA. RivieraWaves also offers complementary Design Services for IP customization and IC design. Currently, the IP portfolio is composed of hardware, software, analogue and RF building blocks. The company employs 30 people with a wide range of expertise including digital hardware design, embedded and application software, analogue and RF design, signal processing algorithms, SoC design. Over 20 licenses have been sold worldwide and successfully integrated by several top-ten semiconductors companies in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi chipsets The IPs in portfolio are fully compatible and qualified to the latest, up to date, generation of Bluetooth and WiFi standards.

RivieraWaves has a strong experience in low power design and in particular for sensor-based applications, such as in M2M or medical domains. RivieraWaves, for instance, has developed a Wi-Fi low power chip for a customer, which is now in mass production, for wireless sensor type of application such as for instance M2M and home automation. RivieraWaves also received Best Paper Award at SAME Conference in 2011.



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