The BLIM4SME project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA, Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 605264 Europian Union Seventh Framework Programme

M5 meeting

Mar 17, 2014

The BLIM4SME project partners met for the second time in Athens, Greece on 12-13 March 2014 in order to discuss the achievements of the first half year of the project. The meeting was hosted by the SME partner, Prisma Electronics.


During the meeting the consortium reviewed the work that has been done in the first 5 months of the project and also agreed on the work plan for the next period. Two workshop were organized, one focusing on the modules and the technical path to the final product, including intermediary releases that will help the partners establish a presence in the market with a first module. The second workshop focussed on the technical requirement and interfaces of the BLIM chip, and how it will be integrated on the IPD module in order for the solution to be optimized in terms of costs with regards to market expectations.


The major outcome of the meetings was the finalization of the deliverable “BLIM4SME Architecture, Technical and Demonstrator Specs”, which lists all the requirements of the end-user SMEs of the BLIM4SME project, and describing the use cases where the BLIM4SME project can be further developed and improved in order to reach its full potential.







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